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    Matches 51 to 100 of 537

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    51 1861 Censues: Daughters: Rececca (c1792 - Widow) and Sara (c1832 - Unmarried) Flower, Unknown (I3508)
    52 1881 - Living with 2 children, her mother and her younger sister in the home go her younger sister. Billington, Jane (I8287)
    53 1891 England Census.
    Source Citation: ED 03, Class: RG12; Piece: 4039; Folio 032 ; Page 14; GSU roll: 6099149. 
    Glasper, Joseph (I4243)
    54 1901 Census implies that middle initial was a "V". Glasper, Thomas William (I1004)
    55 1987-09-28: Death Certificate. Information courtesy of Gail Glasper ( by e-mail on 29-Aug-2006. Glasper, William Ernest (I1078)
    56 2009-09-16 - Precise date of Marriage was found on the reverse of a photograph in the (then) possession of May Myrtle Parker (nee Bridger, the daughter of the couple. Bridger, Thomas J (I343)
    57 2012-02-16 - ardmoreal - I found this article in a 1917 paper. (Tettmar (Henry & Mary Ann) Were living with their children at Napier Rd ,West Ham in 1899. Son harry ,on active service asks.
    Question-Do you know what happened to Harry? 
    Willy, Amelia (I8200)
    58 =
    Lee, Rachel (I309)
    59 A fascinating man. Born into a typical mining family in Hindley, Lancashire, he attended Wigan Technical College (Night School) and obtained an external BSc from London University.

    During the 1920's and 1930's he used to spend some of his holidays on bicycle riding tours throughout Germany and witnessed the rise to power of the National Socialist Party under Adolf Hitler.

    A keen amateur radio ham he and his brother built and operated several 'cat's whisker' sets.

    Bill Lee was involved in the installation of the first set of traffic lights in the United Kingdom. This took place in Oxford Street, London and Bill used to recount how the team "got the timings right" by pedalling furiously up the street from one set of traffic lights to the next whilst clutching a stopwatch.

    He claimed that, during WW2 he was involved in the initial production of the then revolutionary man-made fibre which was later to be known as 'Nylon'.

    Immediately after the War ended Bill was sent to the USA for six months where, on behalf of United Glass Co, he purchased a Glassworks, in kit form and had it shipped to the UK. It was re-erected in the New Cross Gate area of South London and Bill managed it for many years. Eventually, he rose to be a Director of the Company.

    Following an accident, in which he was severely burned and an operative killed, Bill retired and lived with his housekeeper, in Sanderstead.

    He never married nor had any children.

    Even at the age of 80 he purchased a Sinclair Spectrum computer, realised that he could design a few basic games and programmed them into the machine himself.

    Fortunately, Bill never went senile or suffered the debilitating illnesses of old age. His passing was very sudden at the age of 89. 
    Lee, William (I128)
    60 A the date of the 1841 Census, 06-June-1841, Mary was employed in the home of relatives James and Mary Glasper and their three children, Joseph, Septimus and Easter.
    Probable that at all of Mary's children were illigitimate. 
    Glasper, Mary (I847)
    61 About Raine, William
    also BC transcript son wiliam`s marriage certificate see notes D/St/D1/4/283 Dec 1846 1) George Witham of Lartington Hall, Ykses. Thomas Wheldon of Barnard Castle, gent. Edward Western of Great James Street, Bedford Row, Gent 2) John Bowes of Streatlam Castle, esq 3) William Raine of Barnard Castle, plumber 4) John Dickinson Holmes of Barnard Castle, gnet Draft conveyance of a messuage in Barnard Castle. Attached: Copy of Mr Bell`s Valuation and description of premises. D/HH 3/2/248 23 Apr 1852 1) Samuel Softley 2) William Softley 3) Joshua Byers of Stockton upon Tees, timber merchant and William Raine of the Horse Market, Barnard Castle, plumber and glazier. 4) Thomas Softley of Barnard Castle, clock and watch manufacturer Conveyance by 1) 2) and 3) to 4) of premises in the Horse Market, Barnard Castle as specified. Recites previous deeds. Consideration: £300 to 1 and £180 to 2 and £5 to 3 
    Raine, William (I325)
    62 According to Claire Hedley, e-mail 01-Nov-2009: "... and another son, whose name I am not sure of, but who was killed by a car when a little boy." Barker, Unknown (I7519)
    63 According to Claire Hedley, e-mail 01-Nov-2009: "My mum remembers ......... her Aunt Emma as a tall, well-built woman." Glasper, Emma (I4247)
    64 According to family sources, Arthur was an alcoholic and was committed to Hanwell Hospital. His wife refused to sign to permit his discharge.

    In the 1881 census the hospital was described as Hanwell Middlesex Lunatic Asylum, Norwood, Middlesex then after 1899 as the London County Asylum, until it became Hanwell again in 1929. The name changed again in 1938 to St Bernard's Hospital. The address was Uxbridge Road, Southall, UB1 3EU. In 1971 it had 2,039 beds, 189 in locked wards. It was later absorbed in Ealing Hospital as St Bernard's Wing. Some hospital records are subject to closure periods, for example, access is not usually granted to the records of individual patients less than 100 years old, except via a doctor or social worker. It seems that Arthur's records would not normally be available until after 2032.

    An enquiry regarding his death, said to have been in hospital in Epsom and registered in Wandsworth, September quarter 1932, Wandsworth registration area, volume 1d, p. 450 (he was 60), yielded this advice on tracing him:

    There was a group of mental hospitals in the Epsom area, collectively known as the 'Epsom Cluster'. The National Archives (TNA), (formerly known as the Public Record Office) at Kew has the following list MH94 relating to registers kept by the Board of Control 1913-1960 recording name, sex, name of hospital, admission date, discharge/death date. Further information on individual medical and legal circumstance is in patient diaries in the same deposit. All MH94 records are open to the public. The Hospital Records (HOSPREC) database can be searched once the particular hospital has been identified. This is a joint project between the Wellcome Trust and TNA to see where the surviving records are held.

    The local rate books and electoral registers would be another way to trace Arthur. The Surrey History Centre deals mainly with records concerned with the modern administrative County of Surrey, and Wandsworth is no longer part of Surrey but is now the London Borough of Wandsworth. The records for the borough are at the London Metropolitan Archives, London Metropolitan Archives, 40 Northampton Road, London EC1R 0HB, Tel: 020 7332 3820. The local studies library in Wandsworth also hold records for the borough: Wandsworth Local History Service Library, Battersea Library 265 Lavender Hill, London, SW11 1JB, Tel: 020 8871 7753 
    Probetts, Arthur (I8403)
    65 According to the Middlesbrough 150 Celebrity Gallery
    William Ashe. 1851 - 1910. Born at Masham in North Yorkshire. Started his career with Leeds Police and joined the Middlesbrough Police in 1866, appointed Chief Constable of Middlesbrough in 1884 (Possibly 1883). In 1902 he resigned through ill health.

    In there is the following story: In 1866 Police Sergeant William Ashe pursued embezzling Borough Accountant Thomas Cameron Close. Ashe's quest took him to Australia, where he got his man and brought him home to Middlesbrough, in triumph. 
    Ashe, William (I4295)
    66 Acute myocardial infarction (10 days), Secondary to Acute hypertension infarction (10 days), Secondary to hypertension (20 years) Lee, Frederick George Downham (I1484)
    67 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Croswell, U. (I1343)
    68 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Anderson, R. (I767)
    69 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Lee, N.R. (I133)
    70 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Anderson, C. (I770)
    71 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Lee, M.S. (I132)
    72 Afte rthe death of Eliza Gent (1821-1902) he married Mary Jane Glasper his niece by marriage 4th November 1902 at St Cuthbert's Church, Carlisle. Sang, William (I7571)
    73 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Tucker, A.L. (I1965)
    74 Alice was more than 103 when she passed away.
    David Probett considers it to have been a privilige to have met and spoken with her when she was aged 101+. 
    Woodall, Alice (I216)
    75 All SIX of the children of Jane Glasper (b. 1833) are believed to be illigitimate. It is believed that she was the mistress/bigamous wife of a n already married man. Glasper, Jane (I802)
    76 Also known as B P T LONG in interval when first husband in hospital, dying and the marrying of Jozef Sklarski.

    According to son, FW Probett his Mother's names were: Brigitte Patricia Therese Colies O'Brien.
    This does NOT reflect on his own Birth Certificate!.

    Told her second husband that she was three years younger than she actually was - claimed to have been born in 1903!Also known as B P T LONG in interval when first husband in hospital, dying and the marrying of Jozef Sklarski

    According to son, FW Probett his Mother's names were: Brigitte Patricia Therese Colies O'Brien
    This does NOT reflect on his own Birth Certificate!
    O'Brien, Bridget Colies Teresa (I4)
    77 Also on the headstone was Elizabeth & Arthur & Winnie
    Edith 25/01/1994 ?? 
    Southworth, Alfred Joseph (I3819)
    78 Also referred to in various Census' as Massonder (1871), Mussenden (1891). Massender, George (I1362)
    79 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Brown, A.M. (I567)
    80 Ann Glasper is shown as being the child of "Unknown Glasper" for administrative reasons. She WAS the grandchild of Robert and Hannah Glasper but it has been almost impossible to ascertain precisely who were her parents.

    1871 Census: Ann was visiting the home of Elizabeth Walker (c1704), Pauper, b.Yarm, North Yorkshire. Whether EW was really her Mother is unclear.

    1887 Census: Ann was living and working in relatively affluent conditions for Edmund Turton, his wife, son and two daughters.
    Edmund was a Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant of the County employing nine servants in the main Castle. 
    Glasper, Ann (I2310)
    81 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Lee, A.W.E. (I2177)
    82 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Flemming, K.D.M. (I2152)
    83 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Tonkin, C.L. (I1677)
    84 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Brooks, L.J. (I1840)
    85 Ashes details from Memorial Information, refernece DA270. Glasper, Frank Ewart (I8091)
    86 Ashes details from Memorial Information, refernece DA271. Glasper, Sarah Jane (I2563)
    87 Assistant Electrician on Ship "Manchuria", (Formerly "Minnekedha")
    Vessel "Minnekedha" / "Manchuria":

    Built by New York Shipbuilding Corporation, Camden, New Jersey, USA, 1903. 13,639 gross tons; 616 (bp) feet long; 65 feet wide. Steam quadruple expansion engines, twin screw. Service speed 16 knots. 1,718 passengers (350 first class, 68 second class, 1,300 third class).One funnel and four masts.

    Built for Atlantic Transport Line, British flag, in 1903 and named Minnekedha. New York-London service. Intended for Atlantic Transport Line, but completed for Pacific Mail. Renamed Manchuria in 1903. San Francisco-Far East service. Transferred to Dollar Line, American flag, in 1928 and renamed President Johnson. Around-the-world service. Transferred to Portugese Government, in 1947 and renamed Santa Cruz. Lisbon-South America service. Scrapped in Italy in 1952.
    Glasper, Glover (I6869)
    88 At date of 1871 Census, Elizabeth Ann Glasper was not living with her family, but at the home of her Grandmother, Mary Appleton (nee Unknown) (c1808). Including Mary Ann, there would otherwise have been 6 children in the house, with her Mother newly- pregnant with twins.
    With Stokesley being a small village it was probably simpler for Mary Ann to live with her 63-y-o Maternal Grandmother. 
    Glasper, Elizabeth Ann (I784)
    89 At home of Cousin, Thomas Glasper, aged 24. Glasper, Robert (I365)
    90 At the date of tghe 1911 Census, James Glasper was a boarder in the home of Henry Thomas GLASPER (b. 1868) and HTG's wife, Ann (nee KIRK, b. 1858). Henry Thomas Glasoper and James Glasper were both General Labourers. WHether they were related is unknown at the time of writing.

    Due to the details retained during the 1891 abnd 12901 Census, it has not bee possible to ascertain James Glasper's parental family. 
    Glasper, James (I7411)
    91 At the date of the 1851 Census, Charlotte Glasper (c 1801 probably locally in Solihull, Warfwickshire) was emploeyd in Domestice Serive in the home of Mr George Hower (c 1788, Newington Butts, Surrey, ##### Property) and his brother, Arthur A Hower (c 1791, Newington Butts, Surrey, Accountant). There were two other Servants: John Geby (c 1835 - Green & Gardener?) and Mary Monk (c 1801 - Cook). Unknown, Charlotte (I3479)
    92 At the date of the 1851 Census, James Glasper was living at the property of Mr William Lee (b. c1801) and his wife Elizabeth Lee (b.1811). There appeared to be no children resident at he property. Mr Lee gave his occupation as being that of "Farmer - 297 acres" by Mr & Mrs Lee employed 4 Farm Labourers, a General Labourer and 1 House Servant to maintain their property and lifestyle. Glasper, James (I3457)
    93 At the date of the 1851 Census, James Glasper, age 23, was employed as an "Agricultural Servant" at the property of Mr Thomas & Mrs Dorothy Cummins and their 7 children; Benjamin b.1837, Matthew b.1839, Joseph b. 1841, Mary b. 1843, Ralph b.1845 and Elizabeth b.1847, Dorothy b.1850. Glasper, James (I3431)
    94 At the date of the 1851 Census, Septimus Glasper was working as a Farm Servant at the property of Mr Thomas Parkin (b.1815), and his wife Mrs Elizabeth Parkin (b.1815) and theirthree daughters, Ann Bulmer Parkin (b.1842), Jane Parkin (b.1843) and Isabel Bulmer Parkin (b.1847). As well as Septimus Glasper, there was a House Servant and another Farm Servant. Glasper, Septimus (I862)
    95 At the date of the 1861 Census Jane was employed in the household of Henry King Spark (c 1826) an unmarried Coal & Ironstone Burner and Merchant. Mr Spark employed a Mr & Mrs Dickenson as Gardiner and Housekeeper - and they had with them their 9-y-o- daughter. Mr Spark also employed another 20-y-o- girl, also as a General Servant. Glasper, Jane Elizabeth (I3499)
    96 At the date of the 1861 Census John Glasper was living as a Boarder in Great Ayton. He was in the home/business of Jane Smith (c1807) - described as a "Shoemaster - employing 3 men and 3 boys. Jane had two sons employed as journeymen shoemakers and a 13-y-o duaghter (Scholar). The apprenticeship would serve John Glasper well as others of his siblings enetered the same trade. Glasper, John (I839)
    97 At the date of the 1861 Census, Catherine Glasper (c 54-y-o) was living at 54 Quality Row and was described as "Aunt" to Margaret Sullivan (c 1829, Widow) and MS's daughter Ann Streeter (c1848), and sons, WIlliam Streeter (c1852( and Jeremiah Sullivan (10 months). Unknown, Catherine (I3376)
    98 At the date of the 1861 Census, Frances Flasper appears to have been living next door to her Mother and siblings and employed by her marternal Grandparents as a House Servant. Glasper, Frances (I853)
    99 At the date of the 1861 Census, the family also had three boarders in residence. Forrest Pringle (c1835), WIlliam Donnington. (c1846) and his brother, Ralph Donnington, (c1849). All three were listed as 'Coal MIner'. Also resident, but employed as a General Servant, was the older sister of the two youngest boarders, Sarah Donnington, (c1842). Glasper, George (I3491)
    100 At the date of the 1871 Census, Francis Glasper was 'boarding' with a Widow, Elizabeth Downey, (c1819) and her Daughter, Mary A Downey (c1857). Glasper, Francis (I3544)

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